Are pumice stones vegan?

Are pumice stones vegan?

Ever caught yourself wondering, are pumice stones vegan? Wonder no longer, the answer is yes! Despite the confusion pumice stones aren’t animal, or even vegetable, they are 100% mineral.

Are pumice stones vegan: where the confusion comes from

So why do some people think pumice stones aren’t vegan?

Vegan products, of course, refer to products – food or otherwise – with no animal byproducts and no animals involved in their creation.

Veganism is growing in popularity as more people consider the impact their consumer choices have on the planet and animal welfare. Veganism is a cruelty-free and more sustainable approach.

So where does the confusion about pumice stones come from?

Probably from how similar pumice stones look to natural sponge or coral. But don’t worry, there is no relation!

Of course, some shops might sell their pumice stones with leather hanging straps, or packaged with non-vegan glue, and so on. But the stones themselves are just that – stones.

They are formed from volcanoes, giving them that very open, porous texture. As a result pumice is great for gently rubbing away dead or hard skin, particularly on the feet.

There are lots of common questions and misconceptions about pumice stones, including:

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Photo by Bailey Heedick on Unsplash

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