Shave the sustainable way with our eco-friendly shaving kits – and save 20%!

Create my eco shaving kit Shop Shaving Refills

Shave the sustainable way with our eco-friendly shaving kits – and save 20%!

Create my eco shaving kit Shop Shaving Refills

Order our vegan, eco-friendly personal care and shaving products at outstanding wholesale prices!

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Sustainable & Stylish 🌍💼

Discover grooming that’s good for you and the planet! Our top-notch, eco-friendly products bring you the best of both worlds.

Quality Meets Responsibility 🏆🍃

We’re all about premium, durable products that don’t compromise on your values. Get ready to elevate your routine!

Join the Movement 🙌🌈

Be part of a community that chooses greener, cleaner grooming every day. Let’s make a difference together!

Vegan Friendly 🐾

We celebrate health without harm. Our 100% vegan and cruelty-free products mean no animals are harmed or used in any capacity. Join us in a lifestyle choice that supports animal welfare and offers peace of mind with every purchase.

Plastic-Free 🚫🥤

We’re on a mission against the “throw away” culture, striving for a selection of plastic-free products and packaging. Every step toward sustainability is a step toward a healthier planet.

Carbon Neutral 🌍

Tackling climate change head-on, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint through thoughtful practices like CO2 offsetting and choosing sea freight over air. Our goal? A carbon-neutral operation that still delivers the exceptional vegan-friendly products you love.

Safe Working Conditions 🤝

Fairness is at our core. We ensure our products come from places that adhere to safe and fair working conditions. It’s about respect, for both our workers and our customers.

Fair Tax Pledge 💼

Integrity is our baseline. As a proud UK-based company, we pledge to pay our fair share of taxes, supporting the community that supports us.

Your Trust, Our Ethos

Choosing Clear Confidence means more than just buying grooming products. It means supporting a company that cares deeply about ethical practices, sustainability, and making a positive impact. Welcome to a world where your grooming routine can contribute to a brighter future! 🌟

About Us 📖

Carbon Pollution

Our Story 🌱

Born from a desire for sustainable grooming without compromise. We’re here to change the game.

Our Promise 💖

To you, and the planet – only the best in eco-friendly grooming solutions.

Get in Touch 💌

Got questions? Ideas? Just want to say hi? We love hearing from you. Let’s chat about making the world a greener place, one shave at a time.