Pumice Stone – Exfoliator for Sore Feet, Cracked Heels, Hard Skin, Callouses


Tired of dealing with cracked heels, callouses, and hard skin?

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The skin on your feet can become tough and calloused if you keep wearing tight, ill-fitting shoes. Over time, these callouses can become burdensome, making it hard to walk and move around. If you want to restore the natural softness and smoothness of your feet, using this natural pumice stone can help.

Eliminate rough, dry, and hard skin in an instant with the Clear Confidence Co Pumice Stone!

  • Best used after soaking your feet in warm water
  • Refreshes, revives, and smoothens your skin
  • May also be used to remove hard skin on your elbows and knees
  • Fitted with a rope for easy hanging
  • Easy to clean and rinse

Need more time to make up your mind? Check out more features of this pumice stone right here:

  • Measures 10cm x 7cm x 5cm
  • Won’t cause discomfort
  • Soak your feet with warm water, gently rub the stone on hard skin, rinse, and apply lotion 
  • Must-have grooming accessory for men and women
  • Just rinse and dry after use

Bid farewell to callouses and tough skin on your feet. Try the Clear Confidence Co Pumice Stone now!

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