Pumice Stone – Exfoliating Natural Pumice – Large


If you’ve got sore feet, cracked heels, callouses, or hard skin, treat your feet to a warm soak and a gentle scrub. A pumice stone is a natural exfoliator that will keep your feet smooth and soft by gently rubbing away rough or dead skin.

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A pumice stone removes dead and hard skin leaving you feeling soft and smooth. Nature’s own exfoliator rubs off rough skin and is especially great on the feet for removing callouses, hard skin, or cracked heels.

A pumice stone takes care of your feet

Your feet do a lot of thankless work getting you about everyday. Tight or rubbing shoes, cold weather, getting damp, long walks – they take a lot of wear.

So take care of your feet! Use a pumice stone to refresh, revive, and smooth the skin on your feet. They can also be used on other areas with hard or dry skin, like elbows and knees.

The natural texture of a pumice stone gently rubs away at dead and dry skin to leave your feet smooth and clear.

The best pumice stone workout

First, you want to soak your feet in warm water for at least ten minutes. This will prepare the skin ready for its pumicing, softening it up and making the job easier. Plus it feels great!
The best pumice technique is to go gentler for longer, rather than rub furiously for a few seconds. This is much kinder to your skin and reducing the chances of cuts. So take your time and use a gentle pressure.

Afterwards, rinse off your feet, clean up your pumice stone, and get some lotion on your feet.

Taking care of your pumice stone

Pumice stones don’t need much maintenance. Just rinse it off after each use and allow it to dry out properly between times. Our pumice stone has a rope so you can hang it to air out properly and keep it away from damp in between uses.

A pumice stone is a wonderful natural exfoliator you can use for smooth, soft feet.

  • Approx. 10x7x5cm in size.
  • Great for callouses or hard skin that causes discomfort when walking.
  • Get smooth, healthy skin anywhere on the body.
  • A natural exfoliator. Gently scrub away dead and rough skin.
  • Hang it anywhere with included rope.
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