Why use a pimple popper?

Why use a pimple popper?

Why use a pimple popper when you have been getting by popping your spots with your fingers all this time? Why do you need a special tool to do something so easy?

Because a pimple popper makes sense. It’s professionally designed for popping pimples, after all. It’s quick, hygienic, and accurate. There’s less chance of swelling, of scarring, and of making the pimple worse.

The advantages of using a pimple popper:

  • Quicker than using your fingers
  • Far more hygienic
  • Less swelling, redness and irritation
  • Less painful
  • Less likelihood of scarring

A pimple popper works on different types of pimple as it has two loops for different sizes. There is a trick to how to pop a pimple with a pimple popper that helps you keep things clean and tidy.

Why use a pimple popper: hygiene

The biggest difference is that you can keep your pimple popping much more hygienic. Your hands are dirty and covered in bacteria. When you squeeze your spots some of that muck ends up back in the pimple. Ever had a pimple you popped come back with a vengeance? A blackhead transform into a whitehead? That’s why.

Your fingers aren’t small and accurate enough for popping pimples. Which is why the area around the pimple often looks worse when you finish than when you started. That redness, swelling, and irritation is because of your clumsy fingers upsetting your skin around the spot.

Read how to pop a pimple for the full step by step on how to go about popping your pimples with a proper pimple popper.

Use a pimple popper like the professionals

Professional dermatologists use pimple poppers – though they might call them comedone extractors. If you want to experience a pimple popper, or get hands-on guidance, you should visit a dermatologist. Beauty therapists and dermatologists might even have a variety of pimple popping tools in different sizes to help them work on different pimples.

You’ll notice that they sterilise their equipment and wash their hands with antibacterial, antiseptic solution, even if they also use gloves. The emphasis is on hygiene, which is what pimple poppers are so useful for.

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