How to pop a pimple?

How to pop a pimple

Popping a pimple with a pimple popper tool is simple. We’re going to cover the exact steps of how to pop a pimple the easiest and most hygienic way.

The best tool for the job is a pimple popper. A pimple popping tool – or comedone extractor – is a simple metallic rod with two loops at its ends. They are different sizes to fit the different types of pimple.

Don’t push it too hard! You want it gone but you don’t want to make it worse. If applying pressure is too painful then it’s just not quite ready to be popped. It’s best to wait until a clear whitehead or blackhead is visible.

When popping the pimple is urgent you could try wetting a cotton pad with warm water, applying to the pimple area for a few minutes, and then trying to pop it again – or try after a shower.

Otherwise, you are just going to have to wait. Persisting too much can cause more redness and swelling, or damage the skin and make the pimple worse. Just wait a day or two for the pimple to be ready for popping.

How to pop a pimple: the step by step guide

We’re taking this slow and breaking it down. If your pimple is ready to go this is what you need to do.

First wash your hands, including underneath the nails, with antibacterial soap. Though your nails and hands actually should not touch the pimple, having your hands properly cleaned will reduce the likelihood of infection. Also wash the pimple popper with warm water, and soap if you like.

You can soften up the pimple and prepare your skin with warm water. Doing this immediately after a shower is great as your pores will be more open.

Alternatively, you can hold a cloth soaked in warm water to your face, put your face over a steaming bowl of water, or at minimum splash your face with warm water. If time is tight or it’s not convenient, try holding a wet cloth or cotton pad just over the pimple you are targetting.

Clean the skin around the pimple. It will remove any bacteria, sweat or dirt in the surrounding skin and shield the pore of the pimple from any bacterial infection after you pop it. It is better if you use an antibacterial cleanser and use a cotton ball or pad. Gently wipe it over the area around the acne. Avoid scrubbing hard as it will irritate the skin even more.

Get yourself in front of a mirror, ideally with decent lighting. You need to be able to see what you are doing!

Place the pimple popper around your pimple and gently press it to push out the pus. Wipe the results away with a tissue or cloth – not your hands. Make sure all the gunk is out of the pore as far as possible but don’t continue if there is any bleeding or the pimple is getting too swollen.

You need to clean the ex-pimple’s area to make sure that no dirt or bacteria can get into the pore and reinfect it. You made sure the area was clean at the beginning but you should wash it off again and use an antiseptic solution. To reduce any redness or irritation you can splash your face with cold water, then apply the antiseptic.

The final step is to clean and dry your pimple popper before putting it away somewhere safe.

It might seem like a lot of fuss for one little pimple but really going back to basics on how to pop a pimple and taking your time is important for the most hygienic pimple popping experience!

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