Wax strips and a proper pamper

Waxing might not be the most fun of tasks but it doesn’t have to be a chore. With your wax strips in hand try a few of Clear Confidence Co’s other great personal care products to give yourself a proper pamper.

Start with a hemp glove and give your legs a nice scrub down in the shower or bath. This mitt makes it easy to control the pressure so you can be as gentle or as vigorous as you like.

Softening the skin and getting rid of dead or dried bits will make your waxing that much easier. Having an exfoliating scrub also helps in releasing ingrown hairs.

While you are there, give the hard, rough skin on your feet a rub with a pumice stone. Dried, cracked heels or bunions and other hard spots can be a real pain. They rub in your shoes and keep you from wearing sandals.

So after soaking your feet for a while – fifteen minutes or so ideally – crack out the pumice stone. Work gently in a circular motion. Go for many, gentle strokes rather than a few rough ones.

Or, if you prefer, use a foot file after the bath to smooth your skin.

Feeling nice and refreshed you can get down to the business of waxing. Our wax strips are great quality paper waxing strips. And they are great value too – in a pack of 100 so you don’t have to worry about running out.

At Clear Confidence Co you can get all the products you need to turn a routine waxing session into a little pamper party.

Photo by Dewet Willemse on Unsplash

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