A pumice stone for soft summer feet

The summer this year has been a bit “variable” to say the least but there’s still some life in it yet. So there might still be the chance to crack out your sandals or make it to the beach. That means keeping your feet in top summer condition – with the reliable pumice stone.

A pumice stone is a easy, low-tech way to keep your feet nice and smooth. Rub away the dry, dead skin that causes calluses and cracked heels.

And even if the summer doesn’t rally again, it’s still nice to have fresh feet.

Have a pamper and a pedicure with a pumice stone

A pumice stone is great for sloughing of all that dead skin but you can do a little preparation to help. Soak your feet for a while, five minutes is fine but up to fifteen minutes would be better. This could be in the bath or just the feet in a bowl. For extra softness you can add an oil, or a touch of a nice relaxing bubble bath.

Rather than furiously attacking the problem area go for a slow and steady approach. Wet the pumice stone and then rub in a circular motion, lightly, for a few minutes. It should not hurt, so stop if it gets painful. If you have a tough buildup it might take a few sessions to sort out. Have patience and you will have lovely soft feet in no time.

Once you have finished your scrubbing, rinse off the pumice and leave it to dry. Then treat your feet to some nice moisturising cream.

PimplePopper’s pumice stone comes with a rope for easy hanging and storing. Pair with our foot file or hemp glove for a squeaky clean session for your feet.

Photo by Ana Grave on Unsplash

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