The best eyebrow tweezers

Best eyebrow tweezers

Choosing the best eyebrow tweezers will save you hours of frustration, avoid worse redness and swelling when plucking your eyebrows… and eventually having to buy new tweezers when you decide it isn’t worth the hassle.

So what makes great eyebrow tweezers? What do the top eyebrow tweezers all have in common?

The best eyebrow tweezers have properly aligned blades

The alignment of the blades is one of the biggest issues with eyebrow tweezers. If they are mismatched it can cause all sorts of frustration as the tweezers don’t hold on to hairs properly.

Why are they often out of alignment? Poorer quality tweezers that aren’t manufactured to the highest standards often have mismatched blades where even the slightest variance can render tweezers virtually unusable. Dropping the tweezers can knock the blades out of alignment too.

The best eyebrow tweezers have sharp, slanted tips

Slanted tips help you angle the tweezers for accurate plucking, which is a real advantage of good eyebrow tweezers.

It’s very important that they are sharp enough too. Blunt edges on the tips stop you from getting a good grip on the hair. This can mean trying to pluck multiple times, running the risk of causing extra swelling and redness. Blunt edges are one of the most frustrating things about poor quality tweezers and one of the biggest reasons for them needing replacing.

The best eyebrow tweezers are great quality

To top it all off you need a great quality build for your tweezers. Durable and enduring, able to cope with a few knocks and life in a steamy bathroom or banged around in a makeup bag or purse. Our eyebrow tweezers are made of high quality stainless steel so they won’t rust in the damp environment of a bathroom.

That’s what goes into the best eyebrow tweezers, like ours.

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