Finding the best tweezers

Using tweezers

The best tweezers make everything so much simpler. If you want to pluck your eyebrows easily, quickly and with minimal irritation, you need to get the best tweezers for the job.

What makes a great pair of tweezers? High quality stainless steel makes for strong, durable, rust-proof tweezers.

A slanted tip gives you more precision and control. You can find and pluck individual hairs much easier and angle right to the root. This is important in order to avoid breaking hairs and making them that much harder to remove on a second try. The quicker and easier you can pluck hair the less irritation, redness and swelling you will cause. So you can get out and about sooner.

One of the biggest problems with tweezers come if the blades aren’t aligned properly. The sharp edges won’t touch fully which can make it impossible to get a good grip. Not only is this frustrating and makes plucking your eyebrows much slower but having to retry plucking a hair can cause redness and swelling.

So the top tip is to avoid redness, swelling and frustration and to save time by getting the best tweezers.

PimplePopper’s tweezers have all these great features. Slanted tips with perfect alignment means you get the most effective pluck every time. Durable stainless steel is built to last, even in humid, steamy bathrooms. A stylish matte black design looks great in your makeup bag or on the dressing table.

Treat yourself to the best tweezers so you can pluck your eyebrows without the frustration of missing hairs, broken hairs, lots of pulling, redness and swelling.

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