Are shaving brushes made from badger hair?

are shaving brushes made from badger hair?

If you are just getting into wet shaves with a shaving brush you might have seen talk about shaving brushes being made with badger and other animal hair. Is that right? Are shaving brushes made from badger hair?

Badger hair has been traditionally used in shaving brushes. The finer hair from the belly makes the soft but firm bristles. Boar hair is also used. Horse hair from the mane and tail used to be popular and is now becoming more common. Badger hair remains by far the most common animal hair used in shaving brushes.

Why are shaving brushes made from badger hair?

Shaving brushes have been around a long time, well before plastic-based alternatives so the originals used animal hair, mostly badger hair. The consistency of the badger hair was a good match for shaving brushes.

Badgers are killed for this hair, mostly in China. There are badger-raising farms where they are butchered for their hair. But there are lots of great alternatives to shaving brushes made from badger hair. It’s an increasingly unnecessary cruelty.

Clear Confidence’s cruelty-free shaving brushes

Our shaving brushes use synthetic bristles that are just as effective as animal hair, without any of the cruelty. Our brushes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

There’s no need for wild animals to be farmed and then killed for your shaving brush. Not only are synthetic brushes cheaper than animal hair they are just as long-lasting and give a great quality shave.

We have the alternatives to animal hair nowadays, so the modern revival in the classic wet shave doesn’t need to cause suffering and damage the planet.

Choose a Clear Confidence shaving brush for a cruelty-free shave that looks and feels great. We have a wooden handled brush, or a black handle to choose from. Both are vegan and cruelty-free.

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