Vegan Wooden Shaving Brush


Using a traditional shaving brush for a wet shave feels great and gives a more comfortable, closer shave. You can enjoy all the luxury of a good old-fashioned shave with modern materials that are cruelty-free.

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And now Clear Confidence’s popular shaving brush has an update with this version featuring a wooden handle made of ash, rather than plastic. The wooden handle gives a satisfying weight and solidity to applying your shaving cream.

Get a great shave using a shaving brush

Using a shaving brush gently massages your face with the shaving cream, working up a nice lather, preparing the skin and hair so you get a really close shave. Less irritation, less ingrown hairs, and feeling great.

The firm but supple bristles energise your skin and help clear off any dead skin or dirt. It’s an exfoliating effect that helps your skin stay clear and fresh. The shaving brush spreads the lather of your shaving cream and prepares your stubble. It lifts your hair up from the skin, leading to a closer shave.

With the hair and your skin properly ready you get a much closer shave. Your razor moves easier, more smoothly, and close to the skin. Ingrown hairs have already been released and exfoliated by using the brush. The hairs are softer and easier to cut. Your skin is prepared. So there’s less soreness, redness, and irritation. There’s less chance of any cuts or nicks and such problems.

It’s a superior shave that you won’t want to be without again.

Get a real, luxurious shave

You’ll feel like a real dapper gentleman using a traditional style shaving brush. The wooden handle and vintage look give the brush that classic style. At the same time, the modern synthetic bristles and long lasting and cruelty free. Our brush is suitable for vegans as it doesn’t use animal hair or other animal products, so it is cruelty free. Using natural ash wood for the handle is more eco-friendly than plastic.

Enjoy a totally different kind of shave when you use our wooden handle shaving brush. A closer, more luxurious shave that leaves your skin healthy and looking fresh. And leaves you looking great and feeling confident.

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