The worst thing about tweezers

Using tweezers

Tweezers get overlooked a lot. They are not the most glamorous of personal care instruments. In fact, they only really catch our attention when they aren’t working like they are supposed to.

Which brings us to the worst thing about them…

Blunt and misaligned tweezers

It’s not quite Halloween yet but this is truly a nightmare. We have all been there. Grasping and grasping at a hair that eludes our grip. You’re sure you have it but as you pull away you realise you’ve failed yet again. We finally latch on and pull but it slips away.

We’re getting hot and bothered. The skin around the hair is getting hot and bothered from being poked and pulled constantly. It’s taking forever.

The moral of this story is that your tweezers are actually very important. A good quality pair that are well looked after can make all the difference.

The tapered edge needs to meet firmly. The arms can get bent out of alignment easily. In cheaper, low quality tweezers, they may never have been aligned properly in the first place. This creates gaps where the tweezers can’t be fully pressed together and hairs can slip through.

The same thing can happen with blunt blades. The tips need a nice sharp line. Any dents or dullness allows hairs to escape.

So get rid of your old, battered pair and get a good quality new pair.

To keep your tweezers in tip top condition gives them a clean and wipe them dry every so often. Protect the blades and try not to knock or drop them. Keep hold of that bit of plastic that comes with them and holds the blades together.

Tweezers can be the unsung heroes of your personal care products.

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