Using a shaving brush for the most luxury shave

When you think of shaving there’s a spectrum with a hasty, bleary-eyed early morning electric buzz on one end and lying back in the barber’s chair, them using a shaving brush to whip up a decadent lather and the cleanest shave you can imagine.

In reality? You spend way too much time on the hurried end of the spectrum. Welcome to modern life. But you can enjoy more of that luxurious feeling when you add using a shaving brush to your routine.

Luxury shaves using a shaving brush

Using a shaving brush feels great and gives a great shave. It’s also better for your skin and gives a closer shave.

You might be put off thinking that it takes too much time and is too much like hard work. But it isn’t, and you reap the rewards in other ways.

By preparing your face using a shaving brush you can make the shaving process itself quicker and easier. A shaving brush stimulates your skin, softens and lifts up your hair, exfoliates, and avoids ingrowns. This makes your subsequent shave more effective – saving you time and frustration.

If your skin gets sore and irritated from a regular shave using a shaving brush can help. You might end up saving time having to add other ointments, or wait for redness to go down before you go out.

A touch of old-fashioned luxury in your day doesn’t have to mean spending lots of time – or money. Using a shaving brush is quicker than you think, and a lot cheaper than you are probably thinking too. Depending on how often you shave, and how well you take care of it, a good quality shaving brush can last for years.

So there’s no reason you can’t get a luxury shave every time. It doesn’t have to be the full hot towels experience but it can certainly be better than a hectic scratch-about.

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