Can You Use A Shaving Brush With Gel?

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Shaving brushes have been around for centuries and they’re still an invaluable component of any shaving kit today. They’re absolutely essential to pair with a double-edged safety razor and will allow you to whip up a wicked lather that soothes your face whilst providing an ideal level of lubrication.

Yes, it does take a little practice and you’ll have to check up on how to use a safety razor, but it’s well worth it! Double-edged safety razors combined with creams and gels are the perfect combo for a pro shave but can you use a shaving brush with gel?

Why use a Shaving Brush?

Shaving brushes are widely used but why are they actually good?

Firstly, they allow you to build an excellent lather on your face using your shaving product. The bristles work shaving creams and soaps across your face and into your facial hair, allowing it to spread to every corner it needs to for a proper shave. Meanwhile, the bristles mix the cream up into a smoother, softer lather that aids lubrication, meaning your razor will glide efficiently over your skin. This reduces the chances of cuts, nicks and razor burn.

Meanwhile, the brush is also exfoliating your skin by removing dead skin particles that could otherwise clog up your razor and brush. Your hairs will be pulled up-right, allowing the razor to catch and cut them more easily.

All of these effects combine for a professional shave that leaves you with a smooth, healthy-looking glow and facial hair chiselled, cut and crafted to the max!

When you use a shaving brush, you’ll be able to use some awesome shaving creams and soaps. However, you might still have some standard shaving gel in the cupboard, and maybe wondering, can you use a shaving brush with gel?

Using a Shaving Brush with Gel

Shaving brushes are ideally used with shaving creams and soaps. These products are pretty much solely designed to be applied with a brush and not with the hands. Gels, on the other hand, are designed to be applied with fingers and generally will not work particularly well with a brush.

Because shaving gels have a more gloopy consistency that is potentially also stickier than shaving creams, they won’t spread around easily with a brush. They could also clog up the brush.

Gels are also generally more synthetic and it is also possible that the chemicals could negatively affect your brush. Shaving creams and soaps, though, are often made from mostly natural ingredients.

Overall, despite some obvious downsides, you can use shaving gel if you really want or need to – it just isn’t ideal and there’s not an awful lot of point!

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