Synthetic shaving brush secrets for the best shave

Shaving Brush

A synthetic shaving brush is an essential bit of kit for getting a really good shave. Using a shaving brush adds an important extra step to shaving that will make all the difference.

And because our synthetic shaving brush is 100% vegan and cruelty free you can get a great shave in good conscience.

Using a synthetic shaving brush

The key to the best shave is in the preparation. Which is where your shaving brush comes in. Using a good quality shaving soap or foam, use your brush to work up a really good lather. The brush doesn’t just help you get a good lather. It prepares the skin by softening and loosening up the hair and follicles. This makes them easier for the razor to cut. There will be less irritation and a closer shave.

The brush also gently exfoliates the skin for that really healthy look. The massaging effect stimulates blood flow to the skin leaving you feeling fresh. It will prevent ingrown hairs too.

This is the secret to the best shave, and you can do it yourself at home with our great value synthetic shaving brush.

The shaving brush looks like a classic shaving accessory with its black handle and attractive design. Traditional shaving brushes are expensive and made with culled badger or boar hair. But the synthetic shaving brush gives the same great shave without the animal products. It’s also much less expensive.

There’s no need to rush through shaving in your morning routine. Use a synthetic shaving brush and treat yourself to the best shave.

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