Safe and hygienic blackhead removal

No-one likes having to deal with blackheads but you can get a safe and hygienic blackhead removal tool that gets the job done easier.

A comedone extractor – or pimple popper – is a specialised tool for dealing with spots, including blackhead removal. It works by using the hooped ends to apply pressure to the spot and force it out. Our pimple popper has two different sized hoops so you can deal with any size of spot, blackhead or whitehead.

How to use a pimple popperBlackheads are caused by naturally occurring oils and dead skin collecting in your pores, creating a plug or clog. This can get raised (a comedone) and become darker in colour, appearing black from a distance, even though it is naturally a yellowy oil colour.

The problem with squeezing or picking at blackheads is that your fingers can be dirty, which introduces new bacteria and dirt into the wound left by the blackhead that can make the infection worse. The blackhead will get a new lease of life and continue, or turn into a whitehead.

Blackhead removal with a proper pimple popper is more hygienic and safer. It’s also more accurate than using your fingers and doesn’t damage the surrounding skin. Redness, swelling and irritation after a spot-squeezing session are caused by using our fingers. But a pimple popper is small and accurate enough just to deal with the pimple in question and not cause that redness and swelling.

To be really safe, before and after a blackhead removal you should wash the area, and also the pimple popper itself to get rid of any bacteria or dirt. Washing with warm water beforehand will also help with the blackhead removal by softening the oil in the blackhead and make it easier to remove.

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