Why do you need a blackhead extractor?

Nearly everyone has suffered from a blackhead at some point and they can be a regular battle for many. What’s the best weapon against blackheads? A professional, hygienic blackhead extractor: the pimple popper.

Why you need a blackhead extractor

You might think you have been getting along fine without a blackhead extractor. You might be using your fingers to squeeze your spots, maybe with a tissue to help. But once you see how well a real blackhead extractor works you won’t go back.

So you’ve been squeezing your blackheads with your fingers. That means you probably think the redness, swelling and irritation is just par for the course. And sometimes the blackheads get infected, get bigger, or turn into whiteheads. That’s just normal, right?

No. It’s not normal – at least, it doesn’t have to be. You can remove blackheads without swelling and redness. You just need a proper blackhead extractor.

How to use a pimple popper

The pimple popper is a simple tool for blackhead extraction. It has two loops at either end of different sizes, for different sized spots. Blackheads often only need the smaller loop. Place the loop over the spot and press for easy squeezing.

It’s not just easier either. It’s much more hygienic than using your fingers. Our fingers carry dirt and bacteria even when they look clean. If you squeeze spots with your fingers they can transfer that dirt and bacteria into the empty pore. This is why squeezed blackheads can get infected, blocked again, or turn into whiteheads.

Because the loop is much smaller than your fingers the pressure is more accurate. This means less force is needed and over a smaller area. So there is less redness, swelling and irritation. Those side effects aren’t caused by the spot but by squeezing with large, stubby, imprecise fingers.

So those are the many advantages of a blackhead extractor.

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