Nail files and your pamper party

Nail files symbolise a certain sort of elegance or pampering. A woman reclining with a cocktail, having her nails filed. Or a comfy night in, a fun film on the TV and you have a little pamper with a nice cup of tea.

So here are the ingredients for your perfect pamper party

To start off with, give your nails a good clean. Our wooden nail brush has flexible bristles that feel soft but will give you a good clean. And they come in a pack of two, so you can have one for normal dirt and keep one for your special relaxation time. Soak your hands for a minute or two first. You can use a little bubble bath or similar, or a drop of an essential oil.

Nail clippers are essential, for that initial trim and tidy up. However you like to do your nails, keeping them trimmed and tidy helps prevent snags and breakages. Having had a little soak will make the nails easier to cut and make sure you use strong, sharp clippers.

For the finishing touches you need nail files. PimplePopper have metal nail files in a handy pack of three. They are professional grade and stainless steel, so you know they are strong and durable.

After you’ve done with your little manicure make sure to use some soothing hand cream. It’s especially great in the colder weather and some varieties can boost your nails too.

For your other extremities the foot file will get your feet soft and smooth. If you like a bit of pain with your gain then grab a pack of the wax strips, as used by the professionals.

PimplePopper has everything you need, from nail files to wax strips, ready for your pamper session.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

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