How to use a pimple popper

How to use a pimple popper

A pimple popper is the easiest and most hygienic way to pop pimples, and if you are wondering how to use a pimple popper you can find out all about it here.

Pimple poppers, sometimes also called comedone extractors, are specialised and professional tools for popping blackheads and whiteheads. The small hoop on the end fits over the spot when gentle pressure is applied the spot is squeezed out. It’s what professional dermatologists and beauticians use to treat patients. They are more hygienic, reduce the risk of infection and reduce swelling and redness.

Using pimple poppers is far, far better than using your fingers tips but we’re all guilty! Nows the time to learn how to properly use a pimple popper and avoid risks brought about by improper extraction.

Our pimple popper comes with two different sized pimple-popping loops on either end of a strong stainless steel handle. That way you can match the size and shape of the spot. Blackheads tend to be smaller and need the smaller end, whiteheads tend to be larger and need the larger end.

How to use a pimple popper

To use a pimple popper it is crucial that you thoroughly clean the area first with warm water. Having a shower is great as the warm water and humid air helps open up pores, encouraging oil and other sediments out of the skin. Cleaning will also get rid of some of the excess dirt, oil and bacteria on the skin that might get into the wound. Warm to hot water will soften the spot, loosen it up, and soften up the skin around it. This will enhance the effectiveness of the pimple popper greatly and will mean you won’t need to press so hard. 

Facial skin is very soft and tender so you have to take every precaution to not scratch, cut or otherwise damage it whilst using a pimple popper. This might take some practice, you have to ease the oil or puss out of the pore gently. If you don’t see results immediately, don’t get frustrated and start pushing harder. Some spots won’t pop easily, you’ll just have to come back to them another day!

Clean the pimple popper in warm soapy water to make absolutely sure there is no dirt or bacteria on it. You must then place the appropriately sized loop over the spot and press down gently but firmly. This will pop the spot and you can clear the extracted fluid or oil with a tissue. After popping you can clean your face again. Splash cold water which will shrink the pores and refresh the skin, and then go about applying creams and ointments – you must, however, check that these are appropriate for use after popping spots (e.g. on broken skin). Moisturiser is a pretty sure bet here and will help reduce inflammation and redness. 

Now you know how to use a pimple popper so you can keep your spots under control in the most hygienic way without redness, swelling and irritation.

If you’re after a high quality, easy to use pimple popper (comedone extractor) then look no further…

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