How To Use A Metal Nail File

how to use a metal nail file

Nail files are a mod-con, but if you’re looking for eco-friendly nail files then you can’t beat metal nail files – it’s as simple as that!

Metal nail files are strong, durable, effective and most importantly, reusable. One metal file can keep going for years and years and years, requiring virtually no maintenance. After all, unless you’ve got nails like Wolverine, nails are so much softer than metal. 

Using a nail file is pretty intuitive to most people, however, there are a fair few steps you can take for true pro manicurist results.

Also, poor technique can damage your nail or create sharp snags that get caught on fabric, or worse, graze your skin when you go to satisfy an itch. 

So, here, we’re going to take a short but in-depth look at how to use a metal nail file.

There will be some things you know already, and some things you don’t know, so read on!

Why Use Metal Nail Files?

Metal nail files are now much finer than they used to be. It’s easier to manufacture fine-surfaced metal nail files that provide a smooth, modern finish to your nails. Compared to emery boards and other types of nail files, metal nail files are eco-friendly. They’re the most environmentally friendly of all nail fails. 

At Clear Confidence, we take the sustainable beauty and cosmetics industry seriously. Our awesome nail files are made from 100% high-quality stainless steel.

They should last for many years, and there’s 3 in the pack anyway!

  • Metal nail files are much finer than they used to be; they produce a super-smooth finish 
  • Reusable and eco-friendly, metal nail files have the ‘green factor’ 
  • Super-tough and durable, metal nail files will last years with minor maintenance
  • Metal nail files are very hygienic and they’re non-porous and repel fungus and bacteria
  • They’re cheap too!

Are Metal Nail Files the Best?

Metal nail files boast a lot of advantages. A while back, metal nail files were quite coarse and wouldn’t provide as finer finish as emergy boards, but this has changed. 

Today, metal nail files provide a professional finish and are preferred by many manicurists.

They’re also eco-friendly and plastic waste-free. 

Professional Nail Filing 101

Step 1 – Wash Your Nails First

Step 1 is to wash and cut your nails if you need to. Washing your nails softens them up and makes them easier to file, but you’ll also need to make sure they’re not so soft that they’re prone to ripping and tearing. 

If you wash your nails, start filing slowly and you’ll be fine! Use warm water and plenty of soap – the longer they soak, the softer they’ll get. Do be careful if your nails are prone to getting extremely soft when wet. 

Make sure your nails are completely clean prior to filing. 

Step 2 – Hold the Nail File Flat Against Your Nail

It’s really important to hold the nail file flat to your nail. In other words, don’t hold it at a slanted angle or diagonally. Hold it at a right angle to your nail. The reason being, if you hold the file at a shallow angle then you’ll just weaken your nail by filing it too thin. 

Step 3 – Start Slowly and in One Direction Only

Start filing slowly and in one direction only. Keep a firm grip on the nail file. Some people find their nails have a ‘grain’ where the nail goes more smoothly in one direction rather than the other. Find your ‘grain’, but remember to not tilt the nail file at a diagonal angle. 

You can file back and forth but make sure you start slowly. Keep things steady – the last thing you want to do is tear the nail. 

That’s pretty much it – nail filing is obviously not rocket science!

You probably need to file less with a metal nail file than an emery board, just because they do have a stronger filing action. 

Maintaining Your Metal Nail File 

High-quality metal nail files need very little maintenance. 

Make sure you wash them in warm water and clean them of any residue. A little scrub under the tap with the tip of your finger ought to do the trick. Let the file dry completely before storage. Being a metal nail file, it’s extremely unlikely that any bacteria or other nasties will grow on the file, even if it’s damp. But still, it’s always best practice to dry the file first. 

When Do I Change My Nail File?

Metal nail files should last for a very long time. But, if you do feel that your file is getting a little sticky, or has become less effective, then it’s probably time to replace it. Metal nail files last hundreds of times longer than emery boards, so you’ll probably be fine for a while!

Summary: How to Use a Metal Nail File

So long as you’re equipped with a top-quality nail file, you’ll be well on your way to professional nails. Proper nail filing isn’t just about the aesthetics and looks of your nails, it’s about avoiding breakages, tears and snags. Keeping your nails in perfect health is an excellent habit to develop!

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