How to clean nail files

how to clean nail files

Part of keeping your nail file in tip-top condition is cleaning it properly. A well-looked after nail file can do a better job for longer so it’s worth putting a little time into caring for your nail files.

One of the most common reasons nail files stop being so effective is because of the build-up of debris in them. At this point a lot of people will throw them away but there’s plenty of life left in that nail file.

A lot of people want to know if nail files wear out and how long nail files last. A big part of that is how well you take care of it.

So this is how to clean nail files so they work better for longer.

How to clean nail files

First of all, how do you know it’s time to clean your nail files? You can tell from using your nail file that it’s losing a bit of its edge. You can also see the build up of old nail debris as a white powder-like cover on the file.

This old nail is clogging up the tiny gaps in the nail file. It needs these to create the friction used to wear down your nail. So when they get full the nail file stops working so well.

You could give your nail files a little rinse after each use to stop the build up. Or, every so often as maintenance, or when you get a big build up, soak the file for a little while and use a nail brush or sponge to wipe it clean.

At some point, your nail file will wear out. Each time you use it wears it down just a little. But until then you can get a lot more use out of your nail file than you probably think. Just by learning how to clean nail files and giving it a little wash!

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