How to Clean a Shaving Brush?

How to clean a shaving brush

One of the questions we get asked often is how to clean a shaving brush. It might seem so easy, just wash it under the hot tap and put it away, right?

The truth is, brushes are quite delicate. This goes for most brushes, including shaving brushes, paintbrushes, etc. They are obviously designed to be long-lasting and durable, but still, with proper care, they can last much, much longer.

Washing a shaving brush is easy when you know how!

Why Wash your Brush?

Unwashed brushes are warm, moist and attract bacteria and fungus. It’s pretty grimy leaving your brush to accumulate all manner of dirt, especially in a bathroom! Washing it properly will keep the dirt and grime at bay. It’s hygienic and good for the brush.

So, without further ado, let’s find out how to clean a shaving brush properly.

Wash Under Warm Water

The first port of call is to wash to brush under fast-running water. Warm water is best here, too cold and it won’t clean as efficiently but too hot and you’ll warp the bristles. Also, the bristles are usually stuck inside the brush using some form of adhesive. This will soften and break if it’s exposed to very hot water. If it’s too hot for your fingers, it’s too hot for the brush!

The idea here is to wash most of the soap or gel off the brush. Leaving the brush with an accumulation of soap and other residues may attract dirt and/or warp the bristles. Get the soap off by pulling the bristles gently between your fingers.

Dry Properly

Washing a brush is pretty easy, but drying it is arguably more important. You can squeeze the excess moisture from your brush using tissue paper or a dry flannel. Then, it’s simply a matter of storing it correctly. Ideally, if you can put your brush somewhere open but also relatively shielded then that’s fine. Providing it is dry enough, storing it in a drawer or cupboard is fine. But don’t do this with a wet brush!

Deep Cleaning

Every now and again, it might be a good idea to give your brush a deep clean. You’ve got to be careful here not to expose the brush to anything that might warp the bristles, e.g. strong cleaning fluids or detergents. Tea tree oil is ideal, or you can mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water and let the brush soak in there for an hour or so. Always wash and dry the brush afterwards!

Different Types of Shaving Brushes

Traditonally, shaving brushes have been made from badger or boar hair which is supposed to provide the best consistency to the bristles. This industry has been outed as being particularly unethical and harmful to badgers and other animals. Clear Confidence represents a modern, improved type of shaving brush. Our shaving brushes are vegan and eco-friendly. They never use animal hair of any kind. We stock both plastic and grass bristled brushes. Our plastic brush features very durable bristles. Taking care of it is easy! It’ll last longer than other types of shaving brushes, but still, follow this guide for best results!

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