Drying a shaving brush

Drying a shaving brush

The what, why, and how of drying a shaving brush.

Why drying a shaving brush is important

You might not ever have considered drying a shaving brush, but that would be a mistake.

A common concern about shaving brushes is if shaving brushes wear out, and how to go about cleaning a shaving brush. Shaving brushes do wear out over time – depending on lots of factors like how often they are used, the quality, and how well they are looked after.

A well-treated shaving brush can last for years. But to achieve that you also need to know how to dry it, and why that’s important.

Firstly, the shaving brush needs to be rinsed well after every shave. Get all the cream, dead skin, and other gunk, off the bristles. Pay attention to the base where the bristles meet the brush as it can build up there.

Every so often you can give the brush a bigger clean – find out more about cleaning your shaving brush.

But it needs a rinse each time it’s used. And each time it is used it needs to dry properly.

Being allowed to dry out properly in between shaves will help your brush last longer and perform better.

Drying out fully kills off those microscopic bacteria and friends that like the dampness. It means your brush won’t develop that wet, damp smell.

How to dry a shaving brush?

Make sure it is left somewhere it can get fresh air. So not shut in a bathroom cabinet or drawer. Don’t lie it down on its bristles. They need to be free for the air to circulate. Also, the pressure on them can bend and warp the bristles permanently.

Stand your brush on its base, or use a rack where it can hang.

Shake off the excess water, or wipe it off with a cloth. This will give your brush a headstart on drying.

Many people keep two or more shaving brushes and alternate between them. This is a great idea as it spreads out the wear. It also gives each brush time to fully dry between uses.

Drying a shaving brush is easy when you know how. So make a point to remember to look after your brush, so you can get great shaves for a long time to come.

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