Do Shaving Brushes Make a Difference?

It’s become trendy to use a shaving brush. We’re moving on from a purely convenient, functional shave towards something more suave and sophisticated! It’s a retro throwback to our grandfather’s pride mixed with a modern treat yo’self aesthetic. But do shaving brushes make a difference, really, to your shave? Or is this just a marketing ploy, a new opportunity to convince men to add another accessory to their shaving and skincare arsenal? 

The reason shaving brushes have become so popular is that they really do make a difference to your shave, and ultimately then, to your day too!

Men have been enjoying a much closer, easier and more satisfying shave with less irritation since starting to use a shaving brush. And it doesn’t hurt that it makes you feel like a very dapper gent.

But Why do Shaving Brushes Make a Difference?

There are undoubtedly plenty of reasons why shaving brushes make a big difference to your shave. It’s not an exact science but the benefits are pretty obvious and you’ll likely discover your shave is much-enhanced when you start using a brush. 

Rather than just slapping on some shaving foam, taking a moment to stir up a good lather with a shaving brush results in a whole new level of shaving. It helps create smaller and smoother bubbles that protect the skin from irritation. 

The bristles of the brush also pump up your skin, almost like giving it a little exfoliation. Your skin is freshened up at the same time the bristles of your brush prep the bristles on your face for a perfect shave.

By lifting up hairs and scrubbing off some dead skin, you’re likely to experience fewer ingrown hairs. Softening up your stubble means a smoother shave with less irritation – the razor can slice right through without hindrance from dead skin and flaccid hairs. More hairs have been encouraged upwards, allowing your razor to easily catch them. This naturally means you shave more hair compared to a conventional shave without a shaving brush. It’s more effective, more efficient and more fun also. 

But at the end of the day, isn’t this expensive and time-consuming? Actually, it really doesn’t take long just to lather up the foam with a shaving brush. The shave is better and you’ll find yourself shaving less often, it might even cut time in the long term!

Shaving brushes don’t have to be expensive at all. Our shaving brushes are great value, high-quality and long-lasting. They’re also vegan and do not involve animal hair. Many shaving brushes necessarily use badger hair and badger hair industry has a proven terrible track record when it comes to animal cruelty. Synthetic shaving brushes are the way forward, they’re cheaper, more durable, just as good and most importantly, don’t cause harm to badgers

Once you give it a go and see how much of a difference shaving brushes make you won’t go back – it’s as simple as that!

Enjoying that smooth, close shave with better-looking skin and less irritation. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch earlier!

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Shaving photo by Patrick Coddou on Unsplash

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