Do Shaving Brushes Make a Difference?

Do shaving brushes make a difference?

Shaving brushes are a must-have component of any quality shaving kit. They’ve been around for hundreds of years and were quite possibly used by your ancestors and their ancestors before them.

Shaving brushes these days are pretty ubiquitous and we all probably recognise their distinctive shape.

At their heart, they’re a simple item with a fairly simple function that has a big impact on your shave, facial hair, and skin health. They’re pretty easy to use too. If you’re wondering whether you should be using one then the answer is a resounding yes! They’re not even expensive!

Do Shaving Brushes Make a Difference?

Of course! They would not have survived for hundreds of years if they simply weren’t useful. The fact we still use them now is testament to the difference they make. Also, they’re not just used in one or two countries or cultures, but more or less throughout the entire world!


One of the key stages of shaving is whipping up a good lather of cream, gel or soap. A brush makes this so much easier. A quality lather enables the razor to slide over the face easily whilst maintaining a close grip.

Also, whipping up a lather with a brush preps the hairs themselves, pulling them up from the skin to stand erect and perfectly poised for shaving.

It doesn’t stop there, though, as brushes also have their own massaging and exfoliating effect on the face. By removing dead skin, cleaning and opening pores, shaving brushes prepare the face for the best shave possible. By stimulating capillaries beneath the skin, shaving brushes can also effectively combat irritation and razor burn, promoting new cell growth.

Overall, using a shaving brush enhances the shaving process itself whilst simultaneously contributing to the health of your skin.

Also, you can’t deny that the ritual of shaving is complete when you’re using a shaving brush. It’s simply how it’s meant to be!

Shaving Brushes: A Product for the Ages

You could say shaving brushes are one of those extremely refined products that can’t really be improved upon – they do their job perfectly.

However, it is the 21st century and new technologies have indeed pulled shaving brushes into the modern era. You see, shaving brushes have always been traditionally manufactured using badger hair or other animal hair (badger hair is by far the most popular). Badger’s hair is thought to be well-suited to brushes owing to its soft but durable nature. The obvious downside here is that badger hair must be harvested from badgers themselves, which are not domesticated animals. Badgers are therefore maltreated and harmed at badger hair farms worldwide for the sake of badger hair shaving brushes.

The alternative is a synthetic hair shaving brush, such as those selected by Clear Confidence. Our shaving brushes use plastic bristles or plastic-free natural non-animal hair fibres – they’re entirely vegan and cruelty-free!

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