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Vegan Friendly Shaving Brush

For the closest, most luxurious shave, you need a traditional shaving brush. Lathering up rich shaving foam with a shaving brush stimulates your skin, opens up the pores and best prepares your hair. So your shave is closer and smoother with no irritation or in-grown hairs.

Clear Confidence Co’s synthetic shaving brush is a classic design with a rounded, dark handle and the distinctive hairs on the brush. The advantages of a synthetic shaving brush is a better value product and it’s 100% vegan friendly.

Many shaving brushes are made from badger hair but a synthetic shaving brush offers a cheaper, cruelty-free alternative for your morning routine.

To get that really luxurious feel to your shave you should ideally shave after you have been in the shower, or make sure to splash some warm water on your face. Use a good quality shaving cream and lather it on with your synthetic shaving brush. Getting up a good lather ensures a close and smooth shave. A shaving brush lifts your facial hair and lightly exfoliates the skin.

If you were just to rub shaving cream onto your face with your hands you don’t get any of the important groundwork prepared. Your hair remains flat and your skin isn’t read to get the full benefit. But it’s quick work with a shaving brush and you get a much better shave out of it.

Once you have enjoyed the close and luxurious shave you can get with a brush you will want to use one every time. Plus you know that our synthetic shaving brush is great value and isn’t bringing any cruelty to your grooming.

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