The black head tool trusted by experts

If you want to banish your black heads you need a black head tool that is safe and hygienic.

A comedone extractor, or pimple popper, is the black head tool you need. And it’s one that is used by beauticians and dermatologists.

What are some of the problems with other black head tools?

Let’s be honest, most people’s version of a black head tool is their fingers. Pretty convenient, but that’s about the only positive. Even if you use a tissue, fingers are a terrible black head tool.

Why? Several reasons. Our fingers are very useful tools and we can do a lot with them. But they are not designed as black head tools. Pimple poppers are, they are designed solely for squeezing black heads. Fingers are too large for the job and too stubby. That means they squeeze and press at a lot of skin that is nothing to do with the black head. Which leads to redness and swelling – painful and unsightly.

Plus, our fingers are dirty. Even when we wash them. When we squeeze a spot using our fingers there’s a good chance dirt and bacteria will be transferred. A popped white head or squeezed black head leaves what is basically an open wound. Our fingers put dirt and and bacteria right into that wound. Which can cause swelling, infection, and a whole new spot to form.

What’s the best black head tool?

Which brings us to the pimple popper. Our pimple popper is the best black head tool to safely and hygienically squeeze your black heads. It is small, accurate, and easy to keep clean. There’s less redness, swelling and irritation.

So for a real black head tool try a PimplePopper comedone extractor!

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