Black head removal the easy way

Black head removal really can be easy and quick. You can do it without swelling and redness or risking infection. You just need the right black head removal tool.

That tool is a comedone extractor – also known as a pimple popper. It’s the safe, hygienic, easy and fuss free way to deal with your black heads.

If you squeeze your spots with your fingers then you really need to get a pimple popper. Using your fingers is unhygienic and risks infection. Ever had a black head get worse after squeezing, not better? Did it turn into a large, painful, swollen white head? That will be because dirt and bacteria from your fingers got into the skin through the wound left by the black head. Trying to deal with this infection caused the white head.

At best, squeezing your black heads with your fingers leaves your skin red, sore, irritated, puffy and swollen. You have to hide yourself away for hours until the redness goes down, or add lots of makeup. Fingers are too large and inaccurate – as well as too dirty – to do a proper job of squeezing spots.

How to use a pimple popper

Which is why you need a proper pimple popper. Well constructed and strong, using stainless steel, it is the right tool for the job. At either end is a loop – one larger and one smaller. Choose the best size for the spot in question. Black heads tend to be smaller so you will probably want the smaller end. Place it over the spot and apply a firm, even, but gentle pressure.

Then you can wash your pimple popper and pop it away for next time – keeping it safe and clean. Your skin won’t be all red and swollen. The wound will be safe from infection. And you can get on with your day after a successful and easy black head removal.

Photo by Logan Ripley on Unsplash

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