Are Safety Razor Blades Universal?

Are safety razor blades single use?

Safety razors – we love them!

Safety razors were the number one shaving accessory for the vast majority of the 20th century until they sort of fell out of fashion, but not for long.

In the 21st century, safety razors are making a mighty comeback.

They’re kind of like vinyl records, we’ve come to realise that the modern alternatives aren’t really better at all.

We want to go back to the old-school!

The Anatomy of a Safety Razor

Safety razors are simple but elegant devices. Forged from steel, bamboo or other woods, they’re hardwearing and are designed to be used and over again.

For example, Clear Confidence’s safety razor is made from bamboo and stainless steel.

It’s sustainable, sturdy and stylish. 

Bamboo Safety Razor Exploded

Safety razors have two main parts, the handle and the cartridge section. The cartridge section houses the razorblade itself.

Instead of plastic cartridges, safety razors use one ultra-sharp double-edged razor blade, which looks like this:

The razor blade is securely fitted into the cartridge and held at an angle perfect shaving.

You might be thinking; “but my existing razor has 4, 5 or 6 blades, isn’t that better?”

No, not really!

Think of a tiny hair. Why do you need a cartridge razor with 6 blades to cut that?!

In reality, these multi-blade razors are just a gimmick, a marketing ploy.

For hundreds of years, people everywhere shaved with safety razors. They’re cheaper to use (as you only need to replace the blades) and provide a superior shave to your average commercial razor.

Safety razors have been rediscovered for their quality and performance but also because they’re an ethical alternative to disposable razors that contribute massively to landfill. They are an ethical alternative that looks awesome, is a pleasure to use and provides a superb shave.

Replacing Safety Razor Blades

To maintain a safety razor, all you need to do is replace the blades. The safety razor’s handle itself will last pretty much forever, if you look after it properly.

Safety razor blades are simple double-edged razors and are available everywhere. They’re extremely cheap, usually recyclable (check our guide), and exceptionally sharp, much sharper than most cartridge razor blades.

Are Safety Razor Blades Universal?

So, are safety razor blades universal, can you use any razor from any brand in any safety razor?

In a word, yes, they are universal.

Razor blades are one of those rare items that are the same everywhere and have never really changed.

They are all made to the same specifications, same dimensions and same fittings.

Leading brands include Wilkinson Sword, Gilette and Derby. 

Of course, some blades are better than others, but so long as you stick to reputable blades then you’ll likely not meet any trouble.

The best thing? These razor blades are incredibly cheap. 50 pieces might set you back just £3 or £4, £5 at a stretch for high-quality blades.

That will last you almost a year’s worth of shaving.

Combine the cost of Clear Confidence’s safety razor with the cost of standard razor blades – you can see how much you save compared to a regular cartridge or disposable razors.

Check out Clear Confidence’s Bamboo Safety Razor. 


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