Setting out on your long awaited trip? Don’t miss out on these tips for your acne prone skin

For most of us holidays are intended to realize our dream trips, make a lot of memories, click a series of artful pictures and of course look fabulous all over the delighted time.  Yet the fact is holidaying often turns out rude to our skin. Travelling off from your home means a breach of your regular skin care routine. Your skin suddenly faces the harshness of a new climate, maybe a dry loo or humidity beyond your skin’s ease. Not to mention, those dusty winds lashing your face if you go on an open safari. So, here we sort out some travel beauty tips to relieve your stressed skin during your vacation:

Include a cleanser in your beauty kit: A gentle cleanser is one of the must have products during your trip. Make sure you cleanse your skin at least 3 times a day during your. This simple hygiene reduces the chance of breakouts.

Never miss a moisturizer from your pack: Trekking in the sun, snorkeling, climbing, sunbathing and much more. These fun activities are actually robbers of your skin’s moisture.  Never miss to relieve your stressed skin with a simple moisturizer during your adventure trip.

Apply a suitable sunscreen: The upbeat sun in the noon is the worst enemy of your skin. Always shield your skin with a strong sunscreen, maybe one of SPF 30 at least, before you embark on your sightseeing, trekking, open rides and the like.

Carry wet wipes on your long rides: Wet wipes are useful in your long train or flight rides. Wipe off that acne encouraging dirt on your skin from time to time.

Drink abundant water: Hydrating yourself in and out is a judicious way to delight your skin. Drink lots of water.

Light hued apparels are friendlier in the sun: The color of your apparels matter. While going out in the sun, preferably wear light colored apparels. They reflect the light and reduce the effect of heat on your skin.

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