Extended Warranty Registration

To sign up for your 1 year extended Clear Confidence product warranty, please complete the form below. This covers all your previous purchases, as well as future purchases.

️We offer a 1 year durability guarantee which you must register for within 30 days of your purchase. If your Clear Confidence product breaks within 1 year of initial purchase due to a manufacturing defect, send us a photo of the faulty product via email plus your order details and we’ll replace your damaged Clear Confidence product free of charge.

Example of what this guarantee covers:

✅ Manufacturing faults. For example, your Clear Confidence shaving brush has missing bristles.
✅ Manufacturing defects. For example, the logo on your product is wonky.

Examples of what is not covered by this guarantee:

❌ Products purchased from 3rd parties (eg Amazon or another retailer).
❌ Repeated claims. Our durability guarantee covers up to one replacement per product ordered.
❌ Wear and tear. For example, bristles wearing over time.
❌ Changing your mind. For example, you decide you no longer want your Clear Confidence product.
❌ Any shipping charges you paid on your original order are not eligible for refund, these are final and cannot be refunded.
❌ Clear Confidence accepts no responsibility nor liability for any damage to any third party items.