Vitamin C for Acne Treatment

At times when pimples are unavoidable and you have tried all the time tested therapies. Then it is the right time to step on to the natural therapies that are around that help cure pimples or acne. One of the most talked about source helpful in mitigating acne is vitamin C. It happens to be an essential vitamin that can boost the immune system of an individual. A lesser know fact is that it can also prevent the occurrence of acne. Environmental toxins and bacteria and free radicals are the root causes of acne, but vitamin C can work its way to clear these toxins.

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant to kill the free radicals that damage the skin. The free radical can be from within the body or outside sources such as sunrays, dust and pollution. The vitamin gives adequate strength to the skin to prevent acne breakouts. Vitamin C helps heal skin damaged by acne or any other infection. It stimulates the growth of ligaments and tissues which helps in healing scars by acne.

Vitamin C also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin production, the two essential proteins needed to generate new skin. The integrity of the skin can be affected, if these two proteins are not produced in required amounts. In the absence of collagen, the scars on the skin would take longer to heal than normal. The important thing to be noted is that Vitamin C can be taken both as a topical application and in the oral form to have lasting benefits. Also, Vitamin C should only be used as a supplement to treat acne than as a primary treatment. If combined with the primary treatment, pimples can be managed much more effectively than without it.

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