Blind Pimples… And How You Can Treat Them!

Blind pimples are large, closed comedones that develop deep within the skin and are not easily visible to the naked eye at the surface. These can be really painful and as tempted as you may be to squeeze the pimple for symptomatic relief; it is probably the worst thing you could do to your skin.

Why Do They Appear?

Blind pimples appear on the face and neck for the same reason that other pimples appear – Excessive sebum clogs pores under the skin, lack of hygiene and hormonal imbalance. However, the problem with blind pimples lies in the fact that it lasts longer than normal pimples and are far more painful and lumpy.

These pimples develop over two distinct stages and the treatment is best administered during the earlier stages of its formation.
1)    The Early Stage

It is during this stage that one part of your skin starts feeling a little sore and a small red lump begins to form.
2)    The Later Stage

In the later stage, the blind pimple shows signs of forming a ‘head’ and rises to the surface. For some people, the formation of the head may occur as soon as 3-5 days of developing the red sore, while for others it could happen after 7-10 days.

Whatever the stage of the pimple, these simple, tried and tested home remedies can help you win your battle against blind pimples. Use these remedies directly over the pimple, once or twice in a day for quicker results!

•    Epsom Salt
•    Aloe Vera Gel
•    Honey & Milk
•    Hot/Cold Compress

If they still persist despite the home remedies, it best to seek medical help. To prevent it altogether for the future, you could start by drinking a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water in a day to flush out toxins from the body, maintain a regular face care routine and make sure you eat, sleep and exercise right. Though these methods may not make your blind pimples disappear right away, it can help ensure that these painful nuisances don’t reappear and tarnish your self-confidence in the long run!

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