Top Tips for moisturizing Acne prone skin

If you often wonder about the right way to nurture your skin you must emphasize on striking the right balance of skin moisture. Skin moisture matters a lot for a supple, glowing skin. Moisturizing your skin does not just mean applying a number of expensive creams. It depends a lot on hydrating your skin with abundant intake of water, shielding it from dry air or sun and the like. Also a balance of moisture reduces breakouts. Here we sort out a few tips on moisturizing skin:

Understand your skin type before you moisturize: If you have an oily skin, you must use a water based moisturizer. Use a dollop of the moisturizer instead of layering your skin with oil based moisturizer. If your skin is sensitive, you must use a glycerin based moisturizer as it reduces irritation. Moreover glycerin keeps moisture intact and strikes the balance on skin. Glycerin based moisturizers are safe for even dry skin.

Moisturize after every face wash: Washing your face is a must be rule of hygiene rule and you must wash your face twice every day. But using a face wash again robs moisture off your skin. So use a suitable moisturizer after every wash.

Tone your skin as you go to bed every night: Toning is an amazing way to upkeep the right moisture in your skin. It also keeps away any chance of breakout by getting rid of all dirt. Tone your skin every night before you leave for your bed.

Moisturize as per seasons:  Moisture upkeeps your skin’s suppleness and it varies throughout the seasons. Moisture is something very flexible and it may vary if you migrate from one place to another, if the weather changes or your habits change. Moisturize intensely in dry seasons like winter and switch moisturizers accordingly.

Use gel moisturizers on sunny days: Shield your skin if you bask in the sun. Gel moisturizers will shield you skin as well as keep your skin calm. Aloevera gel is an awesome sunscreen and also gentle on skin. Use gentle sunscreens to upkeep moisture and reduce breakouts.

Include a moisturizer in your travel bag: Cleanse and moisturize your skin in suitable intervals while you travel. Use toning wipes and follow up with a moisturizer.

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