The Science Behind Sweat & Acne

With summer around the corner, are you worried that your pimples are going to double in number? Though you might have heard that sweat doesn’t cause acne because it flushes out the impurities from the body, the fact of the matter is, sweating can cause a certain kind of acne known as pityrospuram folliculitis. If left untreated, it can get troublesome and worsen over time. Scroll further to learn all about the science behind sweat and acne –

How Does Sweat Cause Acne?

If you are used to wearing tight-fitting clothes while working out, you might want to consider revamping your gym wardrobe. Sweating is a natural body-process and you need to do your best to control the outburst of acne during this period. If you wear tight clothes or accessories while working out, you are going to cause friction in certain places on your body. The constant chafing can agitate your skin and enlarge or worsen existing blemishes or acne. Additionally, the heat generated while you work out, can trap sweat in the pores, causing severe acne.

Apart from ill-fitted clothes, if your body produces high levels of skin yeast, you are prone to suffering from pityrospuram folliculitis acne. Usually found on the chest, back, neck, inner thighs and your face, this type of acne is caused when the naturally occuring yeast on your body overgrows in hot climates and clogs pores. Watch out because sweat-related acne can be really tricky to tackle!

How To Control Acne While Sweating

If you want to stop the onset of acne due to sweating once and for all, here’s what you can do-

   1.   Wear Loose, Breathable Clothes

Wear loose, breathable clothes to put a stop to the constant abrasion and keep your body cool and soak up the sweat while you work out. You’ll notice that over time, your acne will reduce and the discoloration on your skin (if you have any), will improve.

   2.   Clean Up!

If you are prone to acne while sweating, make sure you clean up after every work out. Don’t use too many chemicals, soaps or other harmful substances that can throw the skin pH levels off balance. Just plain water and a soft, cotton towel will do.

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