The Right Way To Remove Blackheads

Ladies, before you start digging and pinching your face all over with your nails, you need to prep yourself properly to squeeze those blackheads out. While it is always great to get these comedones professionally removed, you could remove them at home on your own, with these 3 simple steps –

Step 1 – Clean Your Face

You need to make sure that your skin is clean and clear for you to go ahead with the removal. If you have any make-up on, use a make up remover to get it off. A warm bath or steam preps your skin for unblocking clogged pores and helps with the easy removal of blackheads.

Step 2 – Get The Technique Right

Your fingers should never make direct contact with the blackheads on your face. Bacteria thrive in your nails and it could lead to infections or pave way for more acne if you use your fingernails to squeeze the blackhead out. Always use a tissue or cotton between your fingertips, to squeeze the blackhead.

Also, squeezing the blackhead from its ‘head’ or the top is blasphemy. Always squeeze the blackhead from the bottom, for it to come out from the root. Think of how you would squeeze toothpaste everyday!

Step 3 – What To Do Right After

Once you have removed the blackhead from its root, the pore will open and there are chances of slight bleeding. It is therefore, important to sterilize the area properly so as to not cause more damage to the skin. Use antiseptic gel to clean the area thoroughly and apply antibacterial cream right after to make sure that there is no inflammation and scarring.

If all else fails, you could apply salicylic gel on the growing blackhead and leave the gel overnight. Chances are, the blackhead will come out on its own the next day!

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