The 4 Common Acne Myths

Those who have suffered from acne know what a pain it can be. Through the years, as you were growing older, you would have had hordes of family members, friends and acquaintances advise you on how to deal with them. ‘Apply toothpaste!, she said or ‘avoid spicy foods’, they said. The fact of the matter is, zits vary in nature and the nature of acne is what determines what kind of treatment is best suited for your condition. Before you go ahead with DIY, trail-and-error solutions for your pimples, this post will help you understand the 4 common acne myths, so that you know what you shouldn’t believe!

1. Acne Is Synonymous With Teenage Life

Though teenagers do suffer from acne (a lot), it isn’t necessary for every teenager to go through a monstrous breakout. This is due to hormonal changes in the body and is only a natural process. Those who suffer from conditions like acne vulgaris might even suffer acne attacks well into their 40s.

2. Popping Pimples Will Make Them Go Away

Picking your face will only make an acne condition worse! Though it is human tendency to keep touching the face when an ugly zit appears, try and keep your fingers and your nails off it as much as you can, because the germs that breed on your fingertips can spread more bacteria on your face.

3. Apply Toothpaste!

First of all, you don’t want your face smelling like spearmint! If at all you are looking for a quick, solution, try ointments that contain benzoyl peroxide. Toothpaste contains alcohol, triclosan and hydrogen peroxide that can cause skin rashes and irritations.

 4. Blackheads Are Dirt

Blackheads may share an uncanny semblance to dirt, but they are a far cry from it. Skin regeneration is a natural process and when that doesn’t take place fast enough, dead cells and oils clog your pores, oxidize over time and turn black. These are not dirt particles and no amount of harsh scrubbing can bring it down. Try blackhead remover strips or topical retinoid ointments instead.

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