How You Can Take Care Of ‘Chicken Skin’ & How It Is NOT Acne!

‘Chicken Skin’, also known as Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition wherein tiny, clustered bumps on the cheeks, chest, buttocks, neck and arms, share an uncanny semblance to chicken skin. This is because the skin appears like it has gooseflesh, or goosepimples. The bad news is, there is no permanent cure for ‘keratosis pilaris’. The good news is, the effects can be minimized and the appearance of these bumps reduces with age. This post highlights how you can take care of ‘chicken skin’.

What Is Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis Pilaris is a non-acne condition that forms white/red bumps when hair follicles get plugged with excessive keratin and dead cells. This condition is often mistaken for acne because the two share similar characteristics. The bumps that arise as a result of the condition are often painful, take ages to reduce, occur in the follicle and can get super itchy, much like acne does. Keratosis Pilaris can get severe during winters and drier seasons. Excessive exfoliation, scrubbing or picking the bumps will not do anything but worsen the skin at this point. Here’s what you can do instead –

Gentle Cleansing

Soaps that are not mild in their pH levels are complete no-no’s. Harsh soaps can dry out your skin and can worsen the already-rough texture of the chicken-skin bumps. Resort to gentle cleansing instead and restrict the bathing to just 1-2 times a day. Use warm water and a gentle soap to wash the affected area and pat dry. This will help by ‘visibly’ reducing the appearance of craggy bumps and itchiness over time.


It is important to use a potent, hydrating moisturizer and equal amounts of SPF 30 sunscreen to make sure that the bumps don’t aggravate due to dryness and the skin appears smoother and supple.

Vitamin D Supplements

Consume Vitamin D supplements orally, because a lot of the time, skin conditions like eczema, keratosis pilaris and acne worsen due to the lack of Vitamin D. Sitting in the sunlight cannot always be the solution for your Vitamin D requirements, especially if you are suffering from the conditions listed above. In this case, consuming OTC Vitamin D supplements can help battle the condition from the inside-out!

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