Splendid Steam for an Acne Free Skin

When you look at a mirror and acnes stare back at you, you remember creams, masks and facials. Do you ever remember steam?  Steam is a splendid way to delight your skin which is long exposed to pollutants, sharp sun and your harsh environment. The goodness of steam is long known and its usage goes back to 3.000 B.C.E China and Egypt. Even today steam is a commonly used facial treatment in beauty clinics and spas. Accounting to its ease of use many times you may venture into using steam at home. Yet steam treatment works wonders only if you use it in a right sequence of steps describes as follows:

  1. Moisten your skin: Moisten your skin and wash it with a mild cleanser to remove all surface dirt. Pat it gently with a clean towel for drying.
  2. Fill a steamer or a clay bowl with hot water: If you do not have a steamer you may avail the steam treatment by filling hot water in a clay bowl or sink. Make sure you use a clean bowl or sink for the purpose by washing it with a detergent soap. This way it washes all germs which might otherwise get vaporized.
  3. Hold your face over steam for about 10 minutes: Breath deeply and relax enjoying the effects of the steam to the fullest. Twice a week is a good frequency for steam spas.
  4. Wash your face with cold water: Wash your face gently with cold water which will help in closing the pores.
  5. Apply a gentle toner: Gently tone your skin with rosewater or something alike to avoid drying due to steam. You should avoid using products like glycerin or alcohol which might irritate sensitive skin.

Following the above mentioned steps of steam will work the wonders on your skin.

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