Skincare rules for your seaside stay

With the holiday season just a few weeks away, you might be dreaming often about your utopic vacation in a lovely destination, maybe somewhere in a seaside town. Sea side towns are often your dream destinations for holiday trips. Basking in the sun, swimming in pristine water, diving, cruising and lots more become a part of your every day schedule during your stay.  Sea side stays are full of energy, vivacity and exposure to nature.  This scale of activities is definitely quite demanding for your skin especially if you are acne prone. The coastal humidity will encourage your breakouts. Thus you must indulge in some extra care for your acne skin during your stay in a lovely sea side town.  Three essential rules for your skin during a sea side stay are:

Never keep off your sunglasses and hat:  The first set of accessories you must include in your bag is your sunglasses and a hat. Never go out in the sun with out these. Big framed sunglasses will protect your delicate skin around your eye which in turn will prevent eye wrinkles and dark circles.  The hat will keep you calm and act as an easy shield.

Apply Sunscreen: Applying sunscreen is a ubiquitous rule of skincare and when you are basking out in a sea side it is an indisputable rule. Apply your sun screen at least 20 minutes before you leave your suite or room. It will help your skin to absorb the cream and get the best effects.

Bask in the sun in the right hours: Basking in the seaside sun is an irresistible fun but it is best to enjoy during the morning and evening hours. Avoid the mid-day sun of 10 am -2 pm during which most of the UV rays are radiated.

Sea side stay is good for your soul as well as skin if you keep in mind the above sorted tips. In fact sun is a strong source of Vitamin D which is very essential for a healthy skin. Basking in the sun in the right hours will delight your mind as well as skin. So make the most your sea side stay with a lovely skin and a happy heart.

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