Skin friendly recipes for seasonal bonanza

It is time for jingling bells, sparkling stars and gifts. You must have already started enjoying the season. Preparations might be at a full swing for Christmas and food and drinks is an indispensable part of this bonanza. If you have an acne skin, your must slow down before savoring some delicacies of revelries. Thought it is a season full of compelling festivities, chocolates, drinks and sweets, some parts of this food fun might not be friendly for your skin. On the other hand, a fact to rejoice is, there a few foods and drinks which are the best tastes of this season and are friendly on your skin.

Hot cocoa: Hot chocolate is a perfect drink for an evening when you sit by your fireplace and its snowing outside. Rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, cocoa keeps off wrinkles and fine lines from your skin. Brew the drink with a minimally processed cocoa powder and enjoy the benefits.

Honey glaze roast carrots and potatoes: If you are wondering about a perfect seasonal dinner, it is yummy roast veggies. Carrots are rich in Vitamin E and A, honey is a rich source of antioxidants and potatoes are a source of vitamin C. A pot full of good veggies, roasted unto a minimal loss of nutrients is the friendliest dinner of the season for your skin.

Spinach and apple smoothie: This yummy drink is a flavor of the season and is best enjoyed in breakfast. This purifies blood and adds a glow to skin. Enjoy your breakfast and refresh yourself with this healthy drink choice.

These foods and drinks are made from seasonal ingredients and keeps ups your skin health. These are good recipes to be enjoyed in parties as well. So, keep up your seasonal bonanza with skin friendly delicacies.

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