Six lifestyle rules for fabulous skin

Getting rid of acne is not all about anointing yourself with creams and face masks. There are much simpler solutions than face creams and these solutions lie in your elementary routine. Whenever you envision being more beautiful remind yourself that your beauty is in harmony with your health and lifestyle. Your skin speaks a lot about your way of life. So, if a stunning skin is what you crave for, you must keep a tab on your daily life. Here we sort out a few tips to harmonize your way of life to a fabulous skin:

Get your beauty sleep every night: The more you sleep the less is your psychological stress. While sleeping, turn down your ac temperature because a cooler body means heavier sleep and lesser release of acne triggering hormones. So, sleep at least for 7-8 hours every night for an acne free skin.

Sip a lot of water: At least eight glasses of water every day is a vow to bid adieu to your acne. It is the simplest way to flush out toxins from your body and hydrate your skin inside out. Apart from this water improves the blood flow throughout your body and skin, which enhances your skin radiance.

Cleanse twice a day: It is a must be followed routine to avoid clogging of skin pores. So, wash your face gently yet thoroughly in the morning and night. Choose your face wash mindfully; it must be suiting your skin.

Do not miss out on your regular workouts: Regular exercises help you to increases blood circulation, and send more oxygen to your skin cells. Remember to wash off sweat release during exercise as sweat might clog your pores.

Shield your skin with a sunscreen: Shield your skin regularly from harmful ultraviolet rays and sunscreen is the number one way to achieve it. Use a sunscreen of minimum SPF 15.

Make whole grains and veggies your staple food: Eat whole grains along with veggies to reduce your blood sugar which encourages your acnes and boost actions in your oil glands. So, add these super foods to your daily diet.

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