Shaving Tip 5/8 – Shaving Cuts

Of course, it’s worth doing everything you can to avoid cuts in the first place. This includes owning a sharp razor with a fresh properly fitted blade. Blunted or poor quality razors will catch more and are more likely to bite! Good quality shaving cream, soap or gel will also vastly minimise the chance of nicks and cuts.

Let’s also not forget technique – go back and check my previous email on using a safety razor if you want to brush up on this.

Styptic Pencil

Never heard of one of these? Your grandad probably has! Styptic pencils are pretty old-school but are still used today to seal minor wounds such as those acquired whilst shaving. They constrict blood vessels in the affected area to stop bleeding.

Alum Blocks

Another classic shaving accessory, alum blocks work in a similar way to styptic pencils but can instead be applied to the whole face in the case you pick up several tiny nicks, typically whilst practising wet shaving. Alum blocks are also a great treatment for razor burn and have antiseptic qualities.

Home Remedies

Don’t own the above? Don’t worry! Your best bet is to first wash thoroughly with cold water and then apply an ice cube to the cut if it’s still bleeding. You don’t want blood the drip on your clothes, especially not a white shirt collar! Apply some antiseptic cream to seal the wound and disinfect. Sudocrem is amongst the best here as it’s quite thick and seals small cuts exceptionally well!

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