Search your spice-rack to revive your acne affected skin

Often we are swayed by the myth that spicy food is not good for skin. So, we forgo some of the friendliest spices for our skin. The fact is, some spices and herbs are known for their long found benefits for skin and hair. They were even used in ancient days by royal beauties of Egypt, India and China. Many spices contain anti-inflammatory agents, anti-oxidants and essential nutrients for your skin. So, if you want to embark on an effective skin care routine, destine yourself to your spice rack and pick up the boxes of the below listed spices:

Turmeric: There are too many benefits of turmeric to be stated in a few words. The most important ingredient which makes it so good is curcumin which is an anti-inflammatory agent fighting acnes, brightening skin tone and removing wrinkles. It is best mixed with honey and applied as a mask.

Pepper: Pepper is an amazing agent to open up your pores. So, say goodbye to your blackheads by using some pepper powder. No wonder pepper makes your recipes hot as well as your looks. Blend pepper powder with yoghurt before applying it to your skin.

Cinnamon: This spice rich in antioxidants improves the blood flow to your skin and repairs damaged skin. So, if you are worried about your acne scars, cinnamon is your solution. To see its effects add it to your daily recipes.

Fennel seeds: It is the safest spices for super sensitive skin. It reduces inflammation and is a wonderful toner.

Nutmeg: A teaspoon full of nutmeg mixed with milk exfoliates your skin, opens up your pores. So it is a natural way to get rid of your blackheads.

Ginger: Ginger is a strong antioxidant which reduces age-lines and tones your skin. Ginger juice should be used with rose water or lemon.

So your spice rack should find usage beyond your kitchen, especially in your grooming room and you should make the best use of it from today!

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