Quick, Cover-Up Solutions For Acne

Knowing that millions of others around the world are suffering from acne just like you are is cold comfort. But why should you get too comfortable with that thought and not take steps to conceal that pimple or zit for that big night with out with the girls or with your boyfriend? If you have particularly stubborn acne, find out how you can make them disappear from your face temporarily with these simple makeup tricks–

1. Makeup Primer

Invest in a good primer to set your skin for applying foundation or concealer afterward. If you have too many red spots on your skin, buy a ‘green’ primer. Green primers are available in most stores that sell cosmetic products and the reason they are ‘green’ is because, green is the only color that offsets the color red and can conceal the red spots perfectly. Primers are also known as ‘BB’ creams in the market.

2. Use Concealer& An Eye Shadow Brush

Concealer is one of the easiest options when it comes to hiding those stubborn pimples or marks. Start by running an ice cube all over your face to lock your pores. Then, apply some concealer directly over the pimple or the scar and not around it. Once you have done that, blend the concealer into the skin, using an eye shadow brush. If the pimple has a head or is painful, use a pointed concealer brush.The right technique would be to prod the brush from the top of the zit and not from around the sides, so that it blends right in with your natural skin tone.

3. Loose Powder

If you are not one that advocates the use of oil-based make-up products, then you could opt for ‘loose powders’. Take a clean makeup brush, dab some loose powder (that matches your skin tone) on to it and blot it all over your face till the powder blends in perfectly with your skin. Loose powder is fairly easy to apply and remove and is not as heavy on the skin as a primer or foundation. Always make sure you pick loose powder that suits your skin tone, otherwise your face can end up looking uneven and ghastly!

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