Preventing Pimples

“Prevention is better than cure”, goes the saying. Hence it becomes important that when it comes to acne, you could look for prevention, than looking at remedies after the pimple breakout has already occurred. This blog post tries to explain how to keep pimples at bay. These are simple steps:

Wash the acne prone area twice a day

– Washing the skin twice a day helps to get rid it of the excess oil and dead skin cells. If you are a person, who sweats excessively then it is a good idea to wash the face more than twice because sweat makes acne worse. But please note that overdoing washing can make the skin irritable and can cause the skin to become overtly dry, in the absence of natural oils. Make sure you use a gentle moisturizer and use oil-free skin care products after the wash.

Less Dairy Products

-A Harvard study has shown that persons drinking two or more glasses of milk daily had 20% more chances of developing acne than those who have had less than a glass of milk in a week. This has to do with hormones present in the milk. Also fat free milk, which is high in sugar, might be the reason. The alternative is to switch to non-dairy nut milks (soya milk etc).

Low Sodium Consumption

-Sodium which is present in common salt is considered a cause for acne breakouts. Low salt consumption and limiting the amount of salt to less than 1500mg per day is considered a preventive option for acne.

Stress Management

-Doctors consider a stressed mind to make skin conditions worse. The stress hormones like cortisol are known to cause inflammation in the body and thereby stimulate oil glands. This in-turn can cause acne breakouts. Regular exercise and regimen to keep life simple can help in managing acne wisely.

These are some of the pimple remedies that will help prevent pimples, but for cases where a pimple breakout has occurred, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist and take the medicines prescribed.

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