Shaving Tip 8/8 – Post-Shave Ritual

Post-shave rituals are very important for keeping irritation and redness at bay. They also encourage your skin to revitalise and repair, giving it a gloss which makes you look fresh and healthy.

1) Wash Off Shaving Foam

First and foremost, it’s time to wash shaving foam and cream off with cold water. Cold water will immediately help seal up your pores and protect from ingrown hairs whilst also tightening the skin. As you do this, you may reveal areas you haven’t quite shaved properly – simply add a small quantity of shaving foam and go over them again if necessary.

For a luxurious experience and supremely tight skin, you can even rub an ice cube over your skin. Extra cold water from the fridge is a great alternative.

2) Pat Dry

Never rub your skin dry post-shave as this will squash your hairs down and alter the direction they’re facing to increase the risk of ingrown hairs. Pat dry gently with a clean towel.

3) Apply Balm and Moisturise

There are many types of aftershave balms and products available ranging from thicker balms rich in natural oils to lighter moisturising creams. They mostly have the same purpose, to soothe the skin, nourish it and pull it taught whilst reducing redness. Of course, they also tend to have superb scents that put the finishing touch to any shave.

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