How to pop a pimple without leaving a scar

Dermatologists often warn pimples are not be popped, since they are likely to worsen the infection, and could lead to scarring. In this article, we describe that how to check that a pimple is ready for popping or not. Also, it explains how to pop a pimple without damaging the skin and almost no pain.

  • Only pimples with whiteheads can be popped. The rest are not to be bothered as they can cause scarring. Popping any different kind of pimples can prompt scarring and contamination. So do not touch the other pimples. Pimples that are big, enormous, red are not to be popped. This pimple size, if tampered with, is most likely to leave a scar.
  • Hands have to be washed with soap and water especially under the nails. Use a lot of cleanser and warm water. You have to abstain from touching the pimple with fingers and nails, furthermore even if you do, it will not cause any infection to occur.
  • Use an anti-bacterial face cleanser to clean the surface around the pimple. While you use a face cleanser around the pimple, you are making it difficult for the bacteria to settle, when the pimple is popped. It will also remove any oil, sweat and cosmetics.
  • Steam from a bowl of warm water is to be used to open the pores. Expose the face to the steam coming out of the hot water.
  • Hands have to be covered with disposable gloves. If disposable gloves are not available you can use clean tissue papers.
  • Instead of using the hands you could utilize a pimple popper. It is little circle headed instrument, which applies weight around the edges of the pimple, where it is required and not in unnecessary areas where it will basically cause agony and wounding. However, by using the blackhead and pimple removal tool, you can reduce the risk of skin damage significantly. The healing time will decrease and you’ll be much less likely to leave any scarring. It is also important to apply an anti-bacterial cream like Benzoyl Peroxide to reduce the risk of infection.

This way the pimple can be removed in a fashion that causes minimal damage to the surrounding skin. Moreover, popping a whitehead is the safest way of dealing with a pimple. And using the pimple extractor tool helps in keeping a check on the breakout.

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