Pimple Care

Pimples are an unfortunate skin issue that everyone deals with at some time or the other. Although they are synonymous to adolescence, pimples can also occur at later stages of life due to a variety of reasons like oily skin, stress, hormonal changes etc. Imagine waking up before that important meeting or that big celebration to find a big red pimple on your nose! The good news is that there are several methods to not only treat but also prevent that ugly zit from blemishing your skin.

  • Wash

Wash your face at least twice a day with warm water. Use an anti-acne soap if recommended by the doctor. Instead of rubbing your face with a towel, pat it dry. Do not scrub or over-wash your face since it makes the skin too dry and irritated.

  • Do not POP

Whatever you do, never pop that pimple. Popping it will push the infected material deeper into your skin which causes more swelling and scarring. Also, don’t touch the pimple too much. The bacteria causing the pimple spreads easily if you keep touching it. Every time you touch your face, wash your hands, before and after to avoid the spread of bacteria.

  • Avoid clogging skin

Wearing too much makeup, sunglasses that clog the pore around the eyes and even tight clothes are a few cases where the skin can’t breathe freely leading to pimple eruptions. Remember to clean make up before you sleep at night and also use proper sun protection for your skin.

  • Home remedies

Several home remedies will help you fight that zit. Combinations of lemon juice – rose water, honey – cinnamon powder, apple pulp – honey are all great for curing pimples. Applying garlic, cucumber pulp, tomato pulp, mint juice or neem leaves juice to the pimple will also help.

Since prevention is better than cure, make sure you drink a lot of water, avoid oily food and keep stress levels low to avoid getting that zit.

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