Wrap up a perfect skin care kit for this holiday season

You skin care kit is an essence of your routine. So, you must make it complete and perfect by judiciously including the elements in it. If you have an acne skin you kit must be equipped to handle well often breakouts as well as prevent breakouts. So you kit must include elements for three broad purposes as follows viz – treating acnes, preventing acnes and regular skin nourishment for retaining the long term glow. Here we list out all the essential elements in a skin care kit:

A Pimple Popper: This is a metallic rod for safely removing acnes. Though this rod is often useful for acne skin, it must be maintained with a sufficient hygiene. It is better if you keep it wrapped in a cover separately from other tools. Before every use sterilize it and also wipe it with disinfectant after every use.

Astringent: After pimple popping it is a must be rule to wipe your affected skin with astringent. An astringent prevents any future breakout by disinfecting the skin surrounding the acne. It also reduces the swelling and helps the skin to heal. So include this essential element in your kit.

Cotton: Cotton finds manifold usage in your skin care routine. From wiping your skin after a session of pimple popping to applying regular toner, you need cotton in many of these habitual errands. So cotton is a useful element in your kit.

Face Wash: It is the most used element of a skin care kit. A face wash is used at a average of twice a day for maintaining hygiene and preventing breakouts. Keep a gentle face wash in your kit.

Moisturizer: It is an element for maintaining the right moisture and PH balance. If it is a sun safe moisturizer it is even better as it does away with the need to keep a separate sunscreen in your kit.

Toner: A toner helps in maintaining the right PH balance which is very important for retaining the glow of acne affected skin. So include a mild toner like rose water in your kit and use it after every wash.

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